New MMS Member Welcome Packet

The current packet comes in two parts, both in pdf format, with part one giving some background about the MMS and then it starts getting into the really cool stuff, about finding and identifying mushrooms.
The second part is further info on the identification process with keys and other great info. Review this info and save it for reference before you get ready for your first MMS foray or your own hunt.

Below is an outline of what is included in each pdf. Click on the linked text for Part I or Part II to open each document in another tab. Then you can download to save on your device.

Part I

  • Introduction
  • Mycology vs Mycophagy
  • A Few Notes on Poisonous Mushrooms and Toxins
  • Mushroom Poisoning
  • Scientific Names
  • Background Information on the MMS
  • How to Get Involved in the MMS
  • 10 Mushroom Facts from the MMS
  • Tips for Morel Hunters
  • Picture Key to Common Minnesota Mushroom Groups and Genera
  • Key to Common Minnesota Gilled mushroom Genera
  • Physical Characteristics Diagrams: Cap or Pileus, Gills, Stalk or Stipe

Part II

  • How to Look at Fungi: Mushroom Characteristics
  • Mushroom Keys
  • Key to Gilled Mushrooms for Beginners by Gary Lincoff
  • Amanita ID information