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How gifting a membership works:

This form will allow you to purchase one new membership to give as a gift. Gift codes cannot currently be used for existing members to renew. After filling out this form and paying for the selected membership, you (the purchaser) will receive an email with a unique gift code, and the following information.

Your recipient will NOT receive a notification of your gift. That’s up to you to do at your preferred timing and method. The person who receives your gift will simply enter the gift code in the space provided on our website at https://minnesotamycologicalsociety.org/membership/join. After entering this gift code on our Join form, the membership type you purchased will automatically be selected, and the cost to join will be zero. If the membership type is changed on the Join form to a lesser cost membership, there will not be any credit due or remaining gift code value.

The gift code can only be used one time, is not refundable, and will have no remaining value after redeemed once. Your gift code must be redeemed by your recipient (not you, the purchaser) so they can read and sign their own waiver. One must be an adult age 18 or over to join the MMS, but an adult can add minor children they are legally responsible for to a family membership.

Select a gift membership:

Membership type



A single membership is for one adult individual.


A family membership allows up to 4 adults plus children living in one household.


A student membership is for an adult currently enrolled and attending school.

Purchaser info:

Buyer first name
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Recipient info:

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If you would like to purchase additional memberships, you will need to return to this form to purchase each individually.