Mushrooms 101: A Mushroom Class for Beginners

Mushrooms 101: A Mushroom Class for Beginners

April 13, 2024 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Burnsville High School, Room C180
600 State Highway 13
Burnsville MN 55337

This is a FREE class for MEMBERS ONLY – no guests. Registering in advance for this event is required, no exceptions.

Space is limited to 70 attendees. If you were able to attend the first Beginner class last October, please DO NOT register for this class. Also, if you consider yourself more than a beginner, please do not register for this class as it will be too basic for you. Members will receive information on how to register for this class in late March through MMS mail.

This introductory class is intended for those with little or no previous knowledge about mushrooms. It will include:

  • An introduction to the science of mycology
  • How to sort mushrooms into five major categories
  • The basics of mushroom Identification
  • Poisonous mushrooms that every mushroom forager should know
  • Some common mushrooms found in Minnesota, including the “Safe Six” edible mushrooms

The instructors will bring to the class some interesting mushrooms for examination and discussion.

In Mushrooms 101, you’ll learn the Safe Six: morels, shaggy manes, oysters, giant puffballs, chicken of the woods, and hen of the woods.

Meet the class instructors

Ron Spinosa
Ron is a past president of the Minnesota Mycological Society and current chair of the MMS Education Committee. He has given many presentations and workshops on mushrooms at nature centers, museums, schools, and garden clubs. He provides his identification skills as the foray educator for many if not most of our forays. Ron was a recipient of The Harry and Elsie Knighton Service Award by the North American Mycological Association in 2011.

John Lamprecht
John has more than 40 years of experience as a mushroom forager, all of it since marrying into a forager family. John is a past president of the MMS, having retired in 2019 from this position after 6 years. He remains active as MMS Foray Committee chair, certification class administrator and instructor, foray leader and foray educator, as well as being a member of three other mycological societies.

Claudette Lamprecht
Claudette has been a member of the MMS since 2007, is currently on the MMS board as the Membership & Finance Committee Chair, and was our Treasurer for many years. She also serves on the Education Committee assisting with its classes and events. She has volunteered to work on events like the MMS Banquet and Auction, and has been on the State Fair Team for 15 years. Claudette started foraging with her family as a very young girl, and has loved participating in many forays over the years, including the last 6 years as an MMS foray leader. She especially enjoys going for a walk with her grandchildren and talking about mushrooms.

Cheré Bergeron
Cheré, an MMS member since 2021, is a southern transplant who was introduced to mushroom identification and foraging over 15 years ago by their Aunt Gail who taught them to gather Chanterelles. Cheré is a myco-aficionado, former MMS Foray Committee Vice Chair, and a mushroom identification educator-in-training. They maintain a community-based herbalism, education, + apothecary practice called Sassafras Healing Arts, volunteer as a Park Steward with Wakan Tipi Awanyankapi, and work at a local sexual + gender health clinic as a Registered Nurse, Public Health Nurse, and a Board Certificated Advanced Holistic Nurse.