MMS Meeting

MMS Meeting

April 22, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Spring Mushrooms with Old Men of the Woods

Our April 22nd meeting will be shared remotely via Zoom.

This is an annual presentation we do before every mushroom season begins in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Peter Martignacco current MMS president, John Lamprecht, MMS past president and current membership coordinator, and Ron Spinosa past president and current chair of the MMS Education Committee use their combined 100+ years of mushroom foraging experience to present tips and tricks of the trade to get you prepared for a successful Spring mushroom season!

About our presenters:

Peter Martignacco joined the MMS board of directors as President in 2022, and has been an active MMS member for 20+ years. He has been an active leader at forays and often helped in pre-scouting foray sites. Peter has also been a volunteer at our annual State Fair Display, and been active giving presentations to various interested groups regarding mushrooms. He has worked closely with many of our board members past and present in the field foraging and on MMS events and enjoy making connections with others in all parts of the upper Midwest myco community. Peter looks forward to meeting more of our members across the state and working with them to provide the best educational programming on their topics of interest.

Ron Spinosa is a past president of the Minnesota Mycological Society and current chair of the MMS Education Committee. He has given many presentations and workshops on mushrooms at nature centers, museums, schools, and garden clubs. He provides his identification skills as the foray educator for many if not most of our forays. Ron was a recipient of The Harry and Elsie Knighton Service Award by the North American Mycological Association in 2011.

John Lamprecht has more than 40 years of experience as a mushroom forager, all of it since marrying into a forager family. John is a past president of the MMS, having retired in 2019 from this position after 6 years. He remains active as MMS Foray Committee chair, certification class administrator and instructor, foray leader and foray educator, as well as being a member of three other mycological societies.

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