Certified Wild Mushroom Harvester (class I)

Certified Wild Mushroom Harvester (class I)

February 23, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Diamondhead Education Center, Savage/Eagan Room
200 Burnsville Pkwy West #100
Burnsville MN 55337
John Lamprecht

Earn the certification required to be qualified to sell wild-foraged mushrooms to commercial eating establishments and markets in Minnesota by completing this 5-hour class. This is not a class for beginners. Previous knowledge of basic mushroom identification and foraging for wild mushrooms experience is essential.

In this class we will review identification of mushrooms using macro-features. We will touch on specifics of the food safety regulations that are administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture as pertains to gathering and selling wild foraged mushrooms. We also will cover food handling safety as pertains to mushrooms, and how to collect, grade, store and transport your finds. We will also cover edibility concerns and discuss dangerous/inedible mushrooms. Successful completion of this class will qualify you to be certified for the following edible species:

  • True Morels (Morchella species)
  • Chanterelles (Cantharellus species)
  • Black Trumpets, Tubies, Yellow-foots (Craterellus species)
  • Sulphur Shelf (Laetiporus species)

Cost is $90.00 for non-MMS members and $80 for current MMS members. A $10 discount will be applied for previous MMS certification class attendees. If you’re not an MMS member, you can save $10 by joining now and then signing up for the class. Space is limited to 50 attendees and these classes fill up quickly. To reserve your spot, click on Register Now, and follow up by sending payment by check to the address provided in your confirmation email. There is no on-line payment option.

Mushroom Foragers and Food Service – Commercial Sale of Wild Foraged Mushrooms
In accordance with the Minnesota Food Code 4626.0155: Mushroom Foragers wishing to sell their Wild Foraged Mushrooms to Commercial Establishments must have successfully completed a course in Mushroom Identification, Traceability and Safe Food Handling and provide documentation of course completion issued from a Mycological Society or Academic Institute to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). See MDA’s wild mushroom foraging page for more information.

Email questions and inquiries to: John Lamprecht

About our certification classes:

  • The MMS conducts two mushroom certification classes annually in cooperation with the MDA. These certification classes are advanced classes only for those with prior more advanced identification skills and prior foraging experience. Passing the required test with a score of 90% or higher is required to earn a certificate. Earning this certificate is proof that you have successfully completed the course as listed above for those who want to sell wild (i.e. not cultivated) mushrooms harvested from land you own or control. It is illegal to collect mushrooms intended for sale from public lands. The first class covers early season species listed above and the second covers late season species: Lobster Fungus, Hedgehog, Hericium species, Giant Puffball, and Hen of the Woods.
  • These certification classes are not for everyone. Membership and active participation in our club’s meetings and forays will provide the level of basic identification knowledge needed for most people to safely identify common edible mushrooms for personal consumption.