2023 Nominations Deadline for Elected Board Positions

2023 Nominations Deadline for Elected Board Positions

November 15, 2023 all-day
Adele Mehta

Attention members! We are accepting nominations for open Board positions for 2024-2025.

We have two positions with 2-year terms that are up for election: President and one of the two Member-at-Large positions.

Anyone interested (including incumbent officers) in being on the ballot should contact Adele Mehta, a.mehta@seniorcommunity.org, chairperson of the Governance Committee. All nominations must be received by Wednesday, November 15th. Your name will be included on the ballot to be sent out to members in November. Be sure to include a little information about your interest and your past activities with the MMS (not to exceed 350 words), which we may include on the ballot. If you have any questions about any position, feel free to contact Adele. Below are the descriptions in our bylaws for the current positions up for election:

  • President: The President shall supervise the general affairs of the Society and shall preside at all meetings. The President may call special meetings.
  • Members-at-Large (1): Members-at-Large participate in all board meetings and assist in ways mutually agreed upon with the President.

The Board meets by Zoom, once every month. If you think you can help, please consider running for a position. We really need your support!