Meetings & Events

All regular MMS meetings are open to the public. Please feel free to attend, see what we are about and get to know us. All regular meetings are held at 7 pm in Green Hall, on the U of MN St. Paul campus.


MMS forays are guided events for the benefit of our members, the members of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), and NAMA-affiliated mushroom clubs. All May (morel) forays are member only. Guests are welcome at summer and fall forays, but must sign a liability waiver and pay a $10 fee to attend a foray. Members and guests should use the MMS Voucher Collection Slips to assist us in correctly identifying any mushrooms collected on the forays. Foray schedules are not published online, but members will receive foray schedules through the MMS Newsletter and MMS email.


February 4, 2017: 11 am to 4 pm. MMS Awards Banquet

Minnesota Valley Country Club, 6300 Auto Club Road, Bloomington, MN. Details are in the January newsletter. Members and guests only. Registration due by January 28. Registration form: Banquet Registration.

February 13: MMS Meeting.  7:00 pm. 110 Green Hall.  U of M St. Paul Campus

University of Minnesota Associate Professor and MMS member Christine Salomon will be doing a talk on White-nose Syndrome in bats, which is caused by a fungus, and what hope there is for these important creatures, our only flying mammals. Other issues involving fungi impacting wildlife will be discussed. The presentation and ensuing discussion will broaden our knowledge of the Fungal Kingdom. Howard Goltz and Kathy Yerich will also be giving a talk about NAMA, what it is, why you may want to join and the NAMA foray in Cable, WI in 2017.

March 13: MMS Meeting.  7:00 pm. 110 Green Hall.  U of M St. Paul Campus

Retired U of MN scientist, MMS member and past president Anna Gerenday will speak on the North American Mycoflora Project and will spearhead a discussion on what data are needed to scientifically document fungal specimens. Further discussion will talk about the essential role of citizen scientists and what to do with it all when you gather the required info.

March 18: Mushroom Identification / Food Safety Certification Workshop

See details and registration form: Mushroom_Workshop_Registration_18march2017.

April 10: MMS Meeting.  7:00 pm. 110 Green Hall.  U of M St. Paul Campus

MMS board members will brief members on foray preparation, safety and etiquette. We will also review the basics of taking mushroom pictures in preparation for the start of the foray season. Possibility of student presentations by scholarship winners.

April 24: MMS Meeting.  7:00 pm. 110 Green Hall.  U of M St. Paul Campus