Meetings & Events

All regular MMS meetings are open to the public. Please feel free to attend, see what we are about and get to know us. All regular meetings are held at 7 pm in Green Hall, on the U of MN St. Paul campus.


MMS forays are guided events for the benefit of our members, the members of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), and NAMA-affiliated mushroom clubs. All May (morel) forays are members only. Guests are welcome at summer and fall forays, but must sign a MMS Liability Waiver and pay a $10 fee to attend a foray. If you wish to attend a scheduled foray as a guest, contact Richard Pizarro, for more details. Members receive foray details through the MMS Newsletter and MMS email. Members and guests are encouraged to use the MMS Voucher Collection Slips to assist us in correctly identifying any mushrooms collected on the forays.

October 23: MMS Meeting @ 7 pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

Slime Molds and Photo Contest ID Help. ID Chair Ron Spinosa will give a presentation on the fascinating slime molds. While no longer included in the Fungal Kingdom, they are of great interest because we see them often in the field. Special assistance will be available for those needing help with identification for photos you wish to enter in our contest. Deadline for contest entries is 10/31/17. See full contest rules on page 10 of the October newsletter.

October 31: MMS Photo Contest Deadline

Remember you must submit an ID for your photo contest submissions. Also, new this year, the annual potluck is happening AFTER the photo contest deadline, so get your submissions in now. Rules are posted here and on page 10 in the October newsletter.

November 13: Potluck @ 7 pm – Continuing Education and Conference Center, U of M St. Paul

This is a members only event. Agenda – Officer Elections, Golden Chanterelle nominations, Potluck. Only six specific wild mushrooms are allowed, but non-mushroom dishes are welcome, as well as store-purchased mushrooms. Recipes and/or ingredients lists are required for each homemade dish. See page 5 of the October newsletter for further details.

December 11: MMS Meeting @ 7pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

Photo Contest Judging and Holiday Celebration. This is an open meeting, but only current members will be allowed to judge the photos. This is a great learning opportunity whether you take pictures or not. We will also have treats and perhaps some other surprises. Photo Contest rules are posted here and on page 10 in the October newsletter.

January 31: MMS Graduate Student Scholarship Application Deadline

The Minnesota Mycological Society is continuing our scholarship for a University of Minnesota student currently enrolled in graduate level studies with an emphasis on mycology. The amount of the scholarship is $500.00. Please fill out the scholarship application, and provide all requested information including two references. The deadline for the application is January 31, 2018. One or more scholarships will be awarded by May 2018.