Meetings & Events

All regular MMS meetings are open to the public. Please feel free to attend, see what we are about and get to know us. All regular meetings are held at 7 pm in Green Hall, on the U of MN St. Paul campus.


MMS forays are guided events for the benefit of our members, the members of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), and NAMA-affiliated mushroom clubs. All May (morel) forays are members only. Guests are welcome at summer and fall forays, but must sign a MMS Liability Waiver and pay a $10 fee to attend a foray. If you wish to attend a scheduled foray as a guest, contact Richard Pizarro, for more details. Members receive foray details through the MMS Newsletter and MMS email. Members and guests are encouraged to use the MMS Voucher Collection Slips to assist us in correctly identifying any mushrooms collected on the forays.

January 8: MMS Meeting @ 7pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

MMS Scientific/Faculty advisor and Curator of Fungi at the Bell Mu- seum, Dr. Peter Kennedy, will give a presentation on fungal diversity and the function of fungi in our environment.

January 31: MMS Graduate Student Scholarship Application Deadline

The Minnesota Mycological Society is continuing our scholarship for a University of Minnesota student currently enrolled in graduate level studies with an emphasis on mycology. The amount of the scholarship is $500.00. Please fill out the scholarship application, and provide all requested information including two references. The deadline for the application is January 31, 2018. One or more scholarships will be awarded by May 2018.

February 3: MMS Awards Banquet 11 am – 4 pm, Minnesota Valley Country Club, Bloomington

This is one of the few additional-cost events we host. Space is limited, for members and their guests only. This festive event features a gourmet wild mushroom-themed meal, silent auction/raffles and our annual awards, where photo contest awards, Golden Chanterelle Award and other honorees will be recognized. See details on the 2018 Annual MMS Awards Banquet registration form.

February 12: MMS Meeting @ 7pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

Howard Goltz, Kathy Yerich and other MMS/NAMA members will be giving a talk about NAMA, what it is, why you may want to join and what takes place during the national forays. The 2018 national NAMA foray will be in Salem, Oregon, in October, and a scholarship in the name of Marek Turowski has been established to assist an MMS member who has never attended a NAMA foray to participate. See how to apply on the Marek Turowski Memorial Scholarship form.  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.

March 4: Mushroom Identification / Food Safety Certification Workshop

2/17 – This class is now FULL.  If you wish to get on the waitlist, fill out and mail the registration form Mushroom_Workshop_Registration_4march2018. Contact John Lamprecht at if you have questions.

March 12: MMS Meeting @ 7pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

Retired U of MN Scientist, MMS member and past president Anna Gerenday will provide an update on the North American Mycoflora Project and will spearhead a discussion on what data are needed to scientifically document fungal specimens. Further discussion will focus on the essential role of citizen scientists, and what to do with it all when you gather the required info.

April 9: MMS Meeting @ 7pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

TBD (Likely a faculty presentation from the Department of Plant Pathology)

April 23: MMS Meeting @ 7pm – 110 Green Hall, U of M St. Paul

Members of the MMS board will brief all in attendance regarding foray preparation, safety and etiquette, and we will discuss MORELS: what, where and how!!!