Local mushroom guidebook: new 2nd edition available

A 2nd edition of a popular local field guide Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest, has been recently released. The co-authors, Teresa Marrone and Kathy Yerich are long-time MMS members. This book is popular with local foragers, especially those just starting to learn about mushrooms and how to identify them.  The book organizes mushrooms by shape and color instead of by genus and species, as is typical with many guidebooks. This way one can find mushrooms by visual characteristics instead of by name. The Top Edibles and Top Toxics sections provide a quick reference to these important categories. The book is also small enough to fit in your back pocket when out in the field!

The 2nd edition includes the following improvements:

  • 75 new species added
  • Scientific names updated – as mycologists learn more about how a species evolved, its classification and therefore scientific name may be changed
  • Improved binder to better withstand field use
  • A Kindle version of this edition is also available for use offline on your mobile device when in the woods

Where can you get your copy? You can order it online now at Amazon, or purchase one at any MMS meeting. Kathy Yerick will be presenting the book and talk about the updating process for the 2nd edition at our 2020 March 9 meeting.