MMS Meeting

MMS Meeting

October 24, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

NAMA Forays Recap with John Lamprecht, Kathy Yerich, Howard Goltz and Marek Scholarship Winners Heather Erickson, Ayah Mohammed, and Michael Spaulding

Hear stories and see photos presented by a few of our members who attended this year’s annual NAMA foray in Missouri on Sept 29 – Oct 2.

About the presenters:

  • John Lamprecht: John Lamprecht is a past president of the Minnesota Mycological Society having retired in 2019 after 6 years. He remains active as Finance Committee Chair, MMS membership coordinator, certification class administrator and instructor and Foray Leader as well as currently serving as the Awards Chairperson for NAMA.
  • Kathy Yerich: MMS Vice-President. Co-author of the popular and accessible local field guide, Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest (Adventure-Keen), Kathy has been hanging out with MMS and NAMA for more than 15 years with a mission to make learning about mushrooms fun and accessible to everyone! 
  • Howard Goltz: MMS Photo Contest Coordinator and Annual Awards Banquet Coordinator.  Howard has been a member of the Minnesota Mycological Society since 2011 and served as their recording secretary and librarian.   His instructional program on “Mushroom Photography” is available to the public on the MMS website.  He has served on the NAMA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees as Secretary 2017-2022.
  • Heather Erickson: 2020 Marek Scholarship Recipient, Heather Erickson is an author and an SEO content writer for a web development company. She volunteered in 2022 on the MMS Communications and IT Committee and the State Fair Committee.
  • Ayah Mohammed: 2022 Marek Scholarship Recipient, Ayah is a public health professional and hopes to learn more about growing mushrooms to share the joy and benefits of fungi with communities she serves.

In addition, a second 2022 Marek Scholarship recipient will present on his experience at the Wisconsin/NAMA Northwoods Regional Foray held last Sept 15 – 18.

  • Michael Spaulding: 2022 Marek Scholarship Recipient, Michael has loved mushrooms since he was a child. After spending a decade in the US Army where he set aside his interests and hobbies to focus on work, he is once again exploring his passions, including mushroom cultivation!

Club business/announcements: Reminders: Submit MMS Photo Contest Digital Entries to Contest Coordinator by MIDNIGHT, 10/31/22; and get nominations in for open 2023 Board positions and the 2022 Golden Chanterelle Award.

MMS members at MONAMA

Some of our MMS members at MONAMA


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