Call for MMS auction items

MMS will have an ONLINE Silent Auction fundraiser which will be held starting on Monday, March 8th, during our monthly meeting. Last year’s fundraiser grossed over $1,700 thanks to the membership’s donations, bidding and ticket purchases. We make more money for the MMS mission of mycological educational outreach, the more items are donated and the less items we need to purchase. Plus, sharing mushroom related items is fun! So please consider donating items for and participating in the March MMS raffle/silent auction.

Items you might consider donating:

  • Any store purchased mushroom or mushroom products
  • Foraged dried mushrooms: whole Chaga, Morels, Oysters, Black Trumpets, and Hen-of-the-Woods or ground: Chaga, Chicken-of-the-Woods, and Lobsters
  • Home canned pickles and fruits, dried veggies and fruits
  • Mushroom themed linens (such as tea towels, napkins, place mats) and home décor
  • Foray gear: knives, brushes, compass, water bottle, thermos, to go lunch stuff, mushroom bags, bug protection stuff, and etc.
  • Kitchen items: knives, cutting boards, wood and stainless utensils, mushroom cleaning aids, and etc.
  • Mushroom art: wood carved mushrooms, funganicals, and prints
  • Mushroom books, ID, recipes, lore.
  • Mushroom mixology: cocktail or wine glasses, mixers and shakers, mushroom tinctures or infusions
  • Items for crafty assembling of raffle and auction items:
  • Canning jars-in particular ½ and ¼ pints, lids and rings
  • New or upcycled fabric such as quilting cottons, plain cotton and linen
  • Plain tea towels, cloth dinner napkins, aprons etc.
  • Small picture frames and matting.

Other: Please ask yourself, “What items do I make or have a surplus that would appeal to MMS members?”

  • Donate a service such as a massage, to cook a mushroom dinner for two, or lead a private foray.
  • Donate hand-crafted items: knit, crocheted, sewed, ceramic, and etc.
  • If you are into crafting gifts, consider making extra for the MMS raffle/silent auction donation.
  • Regift your unneeded gifts received to MMS!

Members, please check your MMS mail for info on contact free drop-off locations for donations, or email