Wolsfeld WoodsMembership in the MMS is open to everyone.
Annual dues with an electronic newsletter are $15 for students, $20 for individuals, and $25 for households. If you want a postal newsletter, the membership dues are $35 for students, $40 for individuals, and $45 for households.


Memberships are on a calendar year basis and renewals are due in January of each year.

MMS Membership benefits include:

  • Identification workshops
  • Collecting trips during the fruiting season
  • Lectures by invited professionals
  • Newsletter keeping members current on local and out of state events


To join the MMS, download the MMS Membership Form


Complete the application, sign the included waiver and mail with your check(s) to the address listed. We require everyone who participates in MMS activities to read and sign the waiver that is included with the membership form. This waiver protects you and the MMS by informing you of the potential risks involved.


NAMA Association Discount
The MMS is affiliated with the North American Mycological Society (NAMA). MMS members joining NAMA through our organization pay a discounted NAMA membership fee of $25 for an individual NAMA membership with electronic newsletter, and $40 for an individual or family NAMA membership with hard copy newsletter. Additional information about NAMA can be found at